When The Bus Hits The Road: The Lived Experiences of School Bus Stewards in Dealing with Student Passengers


  • Maidie P. Acosta, RL, MAIE-AS Researcher
  • Leandro Dominic F. Luceño II Researcher
  • Rovic Vincent R. Delos Reyes Researcher
  • Deyniel Ver G. Silvederio Researcher
  • Gian Carlos D. Espenilla Researcher
  • Isaiah David V. Gapas Researcher
  • Xymon Benedict R. Balbin Researcher




school bus steward, transportation, student passenger, order, safety, disruptive behavior


Introduction/Methodology: School bus stewards providing student passengers with a secure means of transportation from home to school is essential to fostering a supportive learning environment. School bus stewards play a vital role in guaranteeing the security and welfare of pupils on their daily commute. This research employed a qualitative approach, specifically a phenomenological research design, to delve into the experiences of the school bus stewards. Result: The three themes that can be found are: Behavioral Support, Management Effort, and Emotional Comfort. With three sub themes under each theme; School bus stewards utilize strategies to address and mitigate disruptive behaviors among student passengers, They also effectively manage student passenger behavior, ensuring a safe and orderly transportation environment while showcasing to the resilience of school bus stewards amidst challenges posed by disruptive behaviors of student passengers. Discussion: School bus stewards highlighted proactive approaches like open communication to reinforce positive student passenger behavior, along with clear rules and consequences. Collaborating with parents fosters a connected bus environment. School bus stewards use problem-solving, distractions, and positive relationships to manage disruptions effectively. They prioritize emotional comfort by resolving conflicts, promoting relaxation, and addressing environmental stressors, creating a positive transportation atmosphere.  Conclusion: School bus stewards prioritize supporting, and comforting to manage student passenger behavior, advocating for ongoing program improvement and further research to enhance safety and transportation experiences.


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Maidie P. Acosta, RL, MAIE-AS, Leandro Dominic F. Luceño II, Rovic Vincent R. Delos Reyes, Deyniel Ver G. Silvederio, Gian Carlos D. Espenilla, Isaiah David V. Gapas, & Xymon Benedict R. Balbin. (2024). When The Bus Hits The Road: The Lived Experiences of School Bus Stewards in Dealing with Student Passengers. Eximia, 13(1), 466–477. https://doi.org/10.47577/eximia.v13i1.474